Fair Housing Liability is Personal

If you think Fair Housing laws are only directed at companies and that only companies are at risk of financial losses, you’re WRONG! Yes – you personally are subject to financial losses and penalties. And if that doesn’t motivate you, in defending corporate entities in Fair Housing cases, one of the first strategic decisions to make is whether to terminate or discipline the employee(s) involved. The company can’t get out of Fair Housing liability, but it might assist the company in negotiations by suggesting that what the employee did was not what was taught by the company. If you are terminated, you would then also have to fund your own legal defense. Having Fair Housing training on your resume helps prove to future investigators your commitment to Fair Housing. So, a selfish reason to make sure you are always on top of Fair Housing training, is that your job – and your personal money – are also at stake. If you are in search of online Fair Housing training, click the link below to preview how our online training can help your team.