The below are high sound and light production stage presentations.  Prices for Production including Sound and Light crew and equipment depend on site distance and time. Call us for a quote!

 Fair Housing: Play To Win!

This show will be great as a lead off or to conclude your conference or event and will get your attendees excited!  This show has a typical audience of Property Managers, Leasing Agents, Maintenance Staff, Owners and Developers.  The central subject matter (Fair Housing) is one both you and your attendees might have always thought is boring, but this national show is entertaining—full of props and skits and humor and music!  While they’ll learn a lot, they’ll feel like they’re in a fun theatre or concert!  “Play to Win” a couple of ways: be a true champion of Fair Housing—but also aggressively defend wrong claims.  Come to proudly learn what to do to avoid claims.  Come to laugh and to proudly Play to WIN!

Maintenance Fair Housing: Play To Win!                            

Maintenance Fair Housing: Play to Win! It focuses on how Fair Housing can affect maintenance staff. Consistency of work orders is taught. Not commenting or answering questions and directing to the office is taught. Unlike training that maintenance staff is used to, there are props and skits and humor and music! While they’ll learn a lot, they’ll feel like they’re in a fun theatre or concert! How Maintenance can promote Fair Housing on site. How maintenance staff working with vendors can cause potential liability. There will be a lot of humor and how to proudly Play to WIN! 

Harassment and Bullying by Residents: “Lights, Camera, Play to Win!”

This fun Hollywood styled seminar show is complete with Oscars, movie scenes and paparazzi! Yes, “Lights, Camera, Play to Win!” means the key to playing to win is taking “Action.” They’ll learn the importance of responding immediately and consistently. They’ll learn the who, how and what of investigating and the importance of consistently following the rules and regulations of the lease. Does bullying include social exclusion or sabotage? What is the cost to your property’s bottom line? Is it illegal? These questions are answered through Oscar presentations with paparazzi on the red carpet!

You’ve Been Served!

You’ve been served with a legal Complaint! (How did this happen? AGHHHH! PANIC!) –Your audience learns what to do the second they receive the complaint, and in the upcoming days and weeks. Your attendees will learn thru different litigation skits: Who (all) do I contact? What paperwork needs to be gathered? What documentation should I send to whom? They’ll learn through funny trial testimony skits on stage. There will be lots of litigation learning and laughter. They’ll learn how to handle the complaint smoothly and to best help themselves, their property and there company!  See a trial lawyer turn the stage into an educational, yet funny, live courtroom!