• 3 hours with a 15 minute break
  • Interactive- All questions will be answered

Fair Housing Topics:

  • How vendors and tenants can cause you risk
  • Special risks of maintenance employees
  • Who is not a protected class
  • What restrictions you can have for kids
  • Surprising reasonable accommodations
  • Assist animals other than dogs
  • Emotional companion animals
  • Unintentional and indirect Fair Housing violations
  • Updated legal interpretations
  • Document review for compliance
  • Reasonable accommodation request responses

Fair Housing Seminar Materials:

All attendees will receive an extensive 80-page manual.  This resource will be invaluable as a reference to consult for future Fair Housing issues.

All attendees will also receive a unique packet based on the premise that the best defense is a good offense. When the lawyer-presenter defends Fair Housing claims, the first defense is to demonstrate Fair Housing training and commitment. Attendees will receive a kit to create their own Personal Offensive Portfolio to organize and demonstrate proof of their Fair Housing commitment.  The Personal Portfolio kit shows and organizes factual details and written materials relevant to their historically and consistently demonstrated commitment to understanding and following Fair Housing laws.  The kit is designed to help show that any alleged violation of Fair Housing is just not at all consistent or credible with what was learned and practiced.

This unique tool will help persuade a future investigator that all alleged violations are just not plausible (and even going to this seminar itself helps prove that!)